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How to Recover After a Long Run: Top Tips Backed by Science and Elite Runners

Whether you’re training for a marathon or clocking insane mileage for your first ultra race, the weekly long runs are an essential part of a successful training plan. If you follow a structured training program, the weekdays are pretty much all about fast interval runs, tempo runs, and fartleks. Then comes the weekend and it’s […]

Complement Your Thyroid Treatment with Yoga

Yoga plays a therapeutic role in restoring thyroid function. Whether you have an under-active thyroid (hypothyroidism) or an over-active thyroid (hyperthyroidism), yoga can help reduce the symptoms and reverse the hormonal imbalance with regular practice. Yoga poses for hypothyroidism Supported shoulder stand or sarvangasana This pose stimulates the thyroid gland and helps balance the endocrine, […]

7 Yoga Poses Every Runner Must Practice

Rock-hard calf muscles, weak glutes, tight hamstrings — do these seem all too familiar? Believe it or not, they are regular terms in most runners’ vocabulary. But you can overcome these roadblocks (pun intended!) and, as a result, avoid common running injuries with yoga. Many stellar runners, including elite marathoners and ultra runners, swear by […]

Runners, Don’t Just Run: Ways to Improve Strength and Avoid Running Injuries

When it comes to running, each one of us has a different reason why we lace up and go out to pound the pavement. And the time, effort, and money (those running shoes didn’t come cheap!) that we invest in the sport is also different. But there’s something that all of us unfortunately face at […]